Video Production

Since graduating with a film degree from Northwestern University I’ve worked as a Video Production Specialist for over a decade.  Basically that means I do everything when it comes to video production.  I write scripts and storyboard shoots.  I direct and shoot.  And I edit.  Below are a few examples of a couple different projects I’ve worked on.

Creative Lumens

Creative Lumens creates everything from digital media for touring musicians and bands to short branded web videos and series to commercials and corporate shoots to video art pieces.  In 2015 alone I created content for Barry Manilow, Kelly Clarkson, Echosmith and Kentucky Men’s Basketball.  You can find out more at  Here’s a few examples of the kind of video art pieces and content we can build.  The first is a piece I made for Kelly Clarkson to be displayed behind her at her iHeart Radio Shows.  The challenge was to blend the theme and tone of the song without being too on the nose and without creating a piece that would overshadow the performance happening in front of it.  Below that is the 3D piece I built for Kentucky Men’s Basketball which was broadcast on ESPN.  They wanted a 3D projection that showed the history of the program and got fans excited for where they were headed.


Bloomington Brothers

Sometime around 2007 or 2008 I started the comedy duo The Bloomington Bros with my friend Matt Houchin.  We’d been making comedy shorts together since before YouTube existed.  Our production on the Bloomington Bros series has slowed since MTV and Comedy Central passed on the pilot we made (though we still kick around ideas for a return every now again).  But we’ve continued to collaborate on other projects.  In fact, Funny or Die has hired us to make two other web series, The Skinny and Ice Fishing Minnesota.  We like to do things totally ourselves, so the two of us write, shoot, edit, act, and do everything for each video we make.  It’s a pretty fun process.  My favorite of our videos is posted below, but you can see the rest on our youtube channel.

Yamaha Racing

Beyond my own video projects, I do a lot of work for clients as well.  The Yamaha Racing Show is probably the most exciting example of this.  A lot of the client projects I take on end up being interviews or demos.  Which are fine!  But the Yamaha Racing Show was fun because it’s a fun, fast paced web show to promote their snowmobile racing team.  Even being from MN it’s a sport I knew nothing about – which made it even more fun to edit.  All in all it’s a pretty bizarre gig.

Cold Feet

I made a feature film called Cold Feet.  It may not be Citizen Kane, but I think it’s got some pretty funny parts.  The trailer is below, and you can buy it here if you’re feeling inspired!

Explainer Videos

I’d never heard of Explainer Videos until Infiniteach, a company I know from the Literacenter in downtown Chicago, asked me to make them one.  They are a fun combination of video, kinetic text, and short animations.  A lot of start-ups use these now for kickstarters or other fundaising efforts, plus it’s a fun excuse to work on my animation chops.