With Manilow finished and the new web series sent off to Funny or Die (when they release it I will post the videos here – not sure exactly what the distribution plan is…) I’ve been turning my attention back to app and game development.  I submitted some updates for Logic Grid Puzzles and Survival Words.  I’m continuing to pick away at the Elkonin Boxes app and hope to record all the audio for it in the next few weeks.  Besides continuing to write puzzles for the existing apps – I’m also trying to update the functionality a bit, too.  For Logic Grid Puzzles I’m trying to add in a few features people have been requesting like custom color schemes (I’m not sure about this one as I feel like color schemes where green isn’t correct and red isn’t wrong might be very confusing – but people continually ask for it).  People also ask for the solutions to be in the app.  Which is tough, cause I also hear from teachers who use the puzzles in their classrooms – so it might be problematic if their students can just click over to see the answers.  Hopefully I will come up with a good solution to make everyone happy!