I’m still focused on creating new digital learning tools (and updating my existing ones).  But I’ve also been working on moving my digital learning tools into book form.  My cryptograms app was the second literacy app I made.  They are a great enrichment tool for higher level students to boost their their skills with spelling patterns and deductive reasoning.  The puzzles work great in app form – they lend themselves well to a mobile interface and it’s an easy, short term activity teachers can use in classrooms on an as needed basis.

But, not all classrooms have iPads.  Neither do all word puzzlers.  So, I decided it was time to move the puzzles into book form.  I’d already learned the ins and outs of Adobe InDesign when I created my logic grid puzzles book so the process was much smoother this time.  The only real difficulty was making sure the layout was perfect for puzzlers.  Took a couple test copies before the spacing between encrypted lines seemed correct to me.  I also moved the hints into two separate sections near the back so puzzlers wouldn’t accidentally see more info than the wanted to.

The first two books are divided by subject matter.  I created a movies book and a literature and lyrics book.  I’m also working on a stand-up book which will also serve as a new puzzle pack for the app!  That will probably be the content strategy going forward.  Books don’t sell as well as apps.  At least, that’s been my experience so far.  But if I can create content for book distribution options at the same time – seems like that’s probably the best option.