It’s been awhile since this rarely updated blog got an update.  I guess it’s aptly named.  So there’s a bunch of new news.

First off, there have been a lot of boring updates.  Blah blah blah.  There’s a new pack coming soon for both cryptograms and logic grid puzzles.  So for those of you out there that both use my apps and read this blog (I’m looking at you, mom) get excited!

But in more exciting news – I’ve got two new apps out!  Booya.

The first is called Jumble Jamble.  It’s a twist on the popular letter jumble puzzles you probably see in your newspaper everyday.  It’s a great time killer game and also a good literacy tool that I hope some teachers incorporate into their classrooms for enrichment purposes.  I always loved getting a chance to play games or solve puzzles like these when I was in school – it was an awesome incentive to get through my work quickly.  So it’d be cool if some kids felt the same away about this little appy app.

The second app is technically not in the store quite yet, it is “waiting for review” from Apple.  But fingers crossed it’ll be in by the end of the week.  It’s a full on literacy tool designed for classrooms.  It’s called Elkonin Boxes – which are a tool that teachers use for very early readers as they are learning word segmentation and phonemic awareness.  Those are a lot of meaningless words, I know.  Basically, it helps students learn to identify the different sounds they are hearing in words.  It’s kinda like phonics, but a little different.  Anyway, I think it improves on the paper worksheet method in a couple different ways, should be more exciting for students to use, and also cuts down on paper waste!  Wins all across the board.

Anyway, check’m out.  More coming soon.