New LGP Update Submitted

Despite Apple launching a new iTunes Connect today I managed to submit a new update for logic grid puzzles.  Not that you care, but the new iTunes Connect back end looks very nice, but...


Grody Pack Underway

landscape mode

I’ve started writing the puzzles for the newly named Grody Pack.  Before the new pack makes it’s way onto the app store, however, I’m going to release an update with some other tweaks.  I’ve...


Awesome Email

Just got this email this morning, might be the greatest email I’ve ever received!  Thanks! So I was obviously thrilled when I saw the update with a new pack, and then I saw that...


Twitter Account Created


A get a couple emails a week from app users (which is awesome, thanks for being interesting in my apps!) asking when the next packs are coming out, or wanting to suggest new features...