It’s been awhile since Houchin and I were able to shoot some web videos, but this past weekend we cranked through four.  Funny Or Die hired us to create a new short series for the new Samsung Milk Video channel.  I’m not totally sure what that Milk Video channel is, but it’s fun to get paid to make (hopefully) funny web videos.

The four episodes follow Bob Johnson and Harry, two characters we’ve done a few things with before but never really focused a full series totally on, as they try to create their own ice fishing show within the show.  So there’s lots of cutting back and forth between the ‘real world’ and the ‘show’ that they’re making.  And, since neither Matt or I has any idea how to ice fish, obviously things don’t go well.

I’m not totally sure how distribution will work, if we’ll be allowed to post things ourselves or how that will all pan out at the end of the day — but with any luck I’ll have the videos up on this site soon (since we’ve gotta get them edited and finished in the next week).  It was a really fun weekend, but incredibly tiring.  For the most part it was just the two of us up in northern MN.  No crew, no one else to lug equipment or auger holes, lots of acting in front of unmanned cameras.  That’s sort of the way we like to do things – but it also makes for long days – especially when you’re out on the lake in zero degrees.