Logic Grid Puzzles, Cryptograms and Survival Words all got updates over the last few weeks.  LGP and Crypto each got a new pack, a better in app purchase system, and a few other tweaks that should make them work a bit better.  Survival Words I switched to not have any in app purchases and instead it will now be a 99 cent app.  I wanted to test out these App Bundles you can make and sell now in the app store, but in order to create a bundle you need at least one paid app.  Depending on how the bundle sales go I may eventually switch Survival Words back to being a free app, but in the meantime it’ll be an interesting experiment.  I’ll try to write a post with my bundle reflections after I get a few weeks of data from it.

Elkonin Boxes is done other than needing audio.  I just need to find time to sit down with a voice over guy and record him saying all the words.  The project has been at this point for months now, which is sad, I really just need to schedule the session and get this thing off my plate finally.

My new Word Jumble Game (still needs a good name) is moving along swimmingly.  It’s been on a few week hiatus because I was creating some video content for Kelly Clarkson and Echosmith and their iHeart Radio Pool Party show.  I’ll put a post up with some content from said show once it airs on the CW next week (I think?).  But now that that’s done I’m getting back to trying to hammer this new word game out.  The three game modes are all coded and functional and most of the user settings are in there and work.  So the look and feel is largely done.  The big remaining hurdle is multiplayer.  I’d like to add a mode where you can invite a friend to see if they can solve a set of letters faster than you, or see if they can score higher on blitz mode.  It’s really only a 1 turn game and I’d like to handle it through GameCenter since then I wouldn’t have to host any data myself.  So in theory it shouldn’t be too hard.  But I’ve never done it before so I’m having to do a bit of research and reading to figure out how it all works.  It would probably be a good idea to just launch the game as is with single player only – which is what I’ll probably do if I get too stuck figuring out this asynchronous turn stuff.

Anyway, I’m excited about how the new apps are shaping up and hopefully the recent updates will be met with some positive reviews.