The rarely updated blog is living up to its name – first post in quite awhile!  Survival Words, my new iOS word game, did make it into the store.  Kind of.  While the game itself is live and working, somehow the leaderboards and achievements for GameCenter got messed up on Apple’s end.  I let them know about it in hopes it would be a quick fix, probably just some database got a little wonky or something on the backend.  Nope.  It’s now been over a month, and I continue to send them an email every week asking if they are close to finishing – and I get a sort of non response about how they will let me know.  Pretty frustrating.  At this point I’m viewing it as just part of the beta, and I’ll relaunch once they finally have it sorted out.  I just don’t really want to advertise or anything if the app isn’t working 100%.  Argh.

Logic Grid Puzzles and Cryptograms continue to get downloaded pretty regularly though, and I know I’ve been a bit slow on getting the next packs up for the users.  The LGP pack is almost finished – two more puzzles to write.  So should be uploaded to Apple by this weekend or early next week, hopefully in time for the holidays!  I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on Cryptograms and UI tweaks I can make to improve the user experience.  So I’ve put those in place and should have that off to Apple real soon as well.  I also changed up the in app purchase buttons on both of them, since my idea to not have the buttons activate until the app checked that iTunes was reachable seemed to only serve to confuse users.  Sorry!  Should be more understandable this time around.

Anyway, check out Survival Words but know that game center is kind of weird in it through no fault of my own, and if you’re anxiously awaiting packs for LGP or Cryptograms, the wait is almost over!