As mentioned in a previous post, my buddy Brent and I have been trying to get started creating the video content for touring musicians and bands.  The year started out quickly as we got to create the media for Barry Manilow’s upcoming tour!  It needed to be a pretty quick turn around – we had to have everything shipped in about a week, and then I’m sure a few tweaks and re-edits will take place during rehearsals.  With such a short window to work in we didn’t have time to shoot our own footage but rather had to work with existing and stock elements and try put our own unique spin on them.

I’m pretty happy with the results.  It’s a challenge to come up with something that looks great and matches the song, is visually interesting – but isn’t SO interesting that it draws attention away from the performer.  It just needs to be complimentary.  All the songs have a unique look, elements that will switch between versus and choruses, but the overall tone of the show should be really cohesive.  I’ll try to put up some photos and video from the show once the tour starts.  The biggest perk might be that I got the chance to listen to a whole lot of Manilow songs I didn’t know about and learned that there’s a whole culture of ‘Fanilows’ out there following him around the country.

Pretty fun job, and a good start to getting some more video production gigs going in 2015.