The Logic Grid Puzzles update finally went through just after iOS 8 launched, which was nice because the old version didn’t work in iOS 8.  I think they were just waiting until 8 was out before pushing through all the app that were sitting around ‘in review.’  I guess in the end it worked out and hopefully no one had too long of a period in-between upgrading their operating system and getting the new LGP version.  Everything should be a-ok now.

Got a comment on the site that there was an error in one of the cryptograms.  Sure enough, it seems a double dash breaks my code, so I updated the database for the puzzle to a single dash and now it’s fine.  Pretty lame.  Downloads for the cryptograms app haven’t been stellar, though they have been steady, so I haven’t been spending too much time adding the next pack yet.  But now that there is an error in the live version that needs fixing, I’m gonna get cracking on it.  I’m going to retool the interface for purchasing additional packs, and then finish adding another 100 cryptograms for the new pack.  If things go as planned, I hope to submit it to Apple by the end of the work week.

In the meantime, if you’re working through the Literature pack in Cryptograms and you encounter one where letters seem to be appearing over a “-” and things don’t line up,  just skip it and know it’ll be fixed soon.  Sorry about that.