For a couple years now I’ve been writing puzzles for my Logic Grid Puzzles app.  It’s pretty fun and hardly qualifies as work.  When I passed my 200th puzzle written I figured it was time to put them in book form.  This turned out to be not so fun and a lot of work.

Since I don’t know any publishers I figured I’d just self publish.  Createspace is pretty cool and seems to give an ok-ish cut of the proceeds.  But most importantly they put your book on Amazon which I think it the only place most people buy books these days anyway.  But the process of getting the book compiled was a steeper climb than expected.  I’d never used Adobe Indesign – but it seems to be the industry standard so I taught myself how to use it.  It’s not a very intuitive program.  We’ll leave it at that.

I then went through and pulled screenshots of all my puzzles (in their empty state) and created a photoshop script to resize them and put them into the correct spot on the page.  Then I wrote a program to extract the way I’d written the clues and descriptions in my app and pull them into a spreadsheet.  Then I had InDesign merge all the spreadsheet and the images I created into book form using a page template I mocked up.  Then I went through and made sure things were legible and not overlapping. The I did basically the same thing over again to create the solutions in the back of the book.

It took awhile.  And I thought I was done.

Then I gave my wife a proof copy to read over to check for any typos.  Turns out my app is filled to the brim with typos (sorry iOS users!).  I guess putting things in book form makes you suddenly more aware of how grammar and spelling work.  So I had to go back through and edit a ton of stuff.

Long story short (too late) the book is now published and up on Amazon!  You should check it out HERE!