proofFor like two weeks now Letter Box has been featured in the #1 slot as a Best New Word Game.  Sure this has been great for download numbers, but just the fact that it is featured at all is pretty cool.  I assumed those lists were auto-generated, but after doing some research it turns out they are hand curated.  So, somebody over at Apple likes the game!

I also just pushed out an update for the app with 3 new puzzles packs (75 new puzzles).  The conversion rate of getting people to unlock the non-free puzzles in the app hasn’t been spectacular so far despite the great download numbers.  I’m going to try tweaking the number of free puzzles and maybe trimming down to only one possible in-app purchase – unlocking all content.

But overall I’d say Letter Box is now solidly my 3rd most successful app behind Cryptograms and Logic Grid Puzzles.  I think with a little tweaking it could jump up higher – especially because the puzzles are a lot easier to generate for this one than for those other two!