I started a new little side puzzle project recently.  It’s called Hunt For Change (www.huntforchange.org).  The idea is that each month I’ll partner with a local nonprofit to put on a fundraiser/treasure hunt around the city of Chicago.  A new clue (either a cryptic poem or a printable puzzle) is released each day.  By cobbling together the bits of info contained in each clue hunters will eventually deduce where the treasure is hidden!

To incentivize people to donate to the hunt – the prize for donors is much bigger and better than the prize for non-donors.  10% of donations go to the winner as well as whatever prize the nonprofit is able to come up with (this month its two VIP tickets to see the Violent Femmes!).

It’s been a slow build so far – but the people who have discovered Hunt For Change seem to be pretty into it.  And it’s a lot of fun to have a good reason to write puzzles and hide treasure!  Hopefully it continues to grow!