Elkonin Boxes

Elkonin boxes are a great tool for beginning readers to build phonological awareness by segmenting words into sounds. They help students practice counting the number of phonemes in a word—though this is not always the same number of letters. Mastering this skill orally lays the foundation for both decoding and spelling.  They have existed in worksheet form for awhile, but this old school ‘paper’ method comes with a few drawbacks.  First off, there is a lot of teacher error.  Once you’ve learned to spell and divide words into syllables, it can be hard to revert back to segmenting words into phonemes.  But segmenting it incorrectly by breaking it into letters or syllables doesn’t help these students at the very beginning of their literacy journey.  This app eliminates that human error element.  In addition, it also adds and expands on the worksheet functionality.  True beginners can choose to hear the phonemes voiced for them – so they can repeat them back.  As the progress, they can switch to just hearing a musical tone with each tap.  That way they need to come up with the phoneme sounds themselves.  Finally, in Quiz Mode, students not only need to come up with the sounds themselves, they also need to figure out the correct number of boxes to tap themselves!  This new progression should help new readers learn segmentation and phonemic awareness at a much quicker pace.


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