About Me

ross-hugeHey, thanks for visiting my site!  Rather than just post my resume, here’s a quick run down of what I’ve done and what I can do.  I mainly focus on two disciplines: video/media production & digital development.

I studied film at Northwestern University and graduated in 2005.  After graduation I worked out in LA for five years.  I created web series for Funny Or Die, made a pilot for MTV and Comedy Central, wrote and directed an indie feature, and worked on all sorts of tiny projects from wedding videos to non-profit web campaigns.

Since moving back to Chicago in 2010, my work has become more varied than just straight video production.  I’ve also gotten into the field of media and content creation and have since developed projects for Barry Manilow, Kelly Clarkson, Echosmith, Kentucky Men’s Basketball, and the Detroit Red Wings.  I still do a lot of straight video production as well working on projects for companies like Yamaha and local Chicago tech start-ups.

At the same time I started broadening my scope of video endeavors, I also got really interested in education technology.  My wife is a reading specialist / teacher and wanted access to digital tools that didn’t exist.  So I taught myself to program mobile apps.  I’ve worked as front-end web developer for a long time, so the move to Obj-C and Swift was pretty quick.  I’ve created everything from enrichment tools for high level students (like my Logic Grid Puzzles, Cryptograms and Letter Box apps) to straight educational tools (like Elkonin Boxes and my upcoming Reading Comprehension app).

In the end what I like best is creating tangible, fun digital products.  Whether it’s a viral web series, media content for a concerts, engaging websites, long form documentaries or iOS apps – I like creating things that people can see, interact with and enjoy.  If you’d like to hire me or collaborate you can drop me a line on my contact page.  Otherwise, thanks for checking out my site!

Oh yeah.  I have a bunch of non job related interests, too.  I’m a certified scuba diver. A luger. I’m into geocaching. I’m a bar trivia enthusiast. And I’m super into treasure hunts – which I’ve even developed and run for other companies as viral marketing here in Chicago.  But that’s a story for another time.